Exploring the FriendFeed API

Lately I’ve been playing with the FriendFeed API. It is generally a well written and responsive API. There are a few bugs and limitations (I even found a little bug in the C# library).

The 2 most annoying limitations for me are:

  1. You cannot retrieve entries by a date range, you can only specify a start position and how many entries you want to retrieve. So if you’re trying to scan backwards you need to jump through hoops to decide when to stop.
  2. The “page 11″ limitation – try browsing FriendFeed and navigate through previous pages. Page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12 … What’s that? Clicking anything past page 11 just gives you the same results over and over again. With a limitation of 30 entries per API request this means you can get a maximum of 300 entries.

No other major rants at this point.