FriendFeed Suggestion: Two Column View

FriendFeed has a very clean design but it doesn’t utilize wide screen real estate. On a 24″ display using 1920×1200 pixel resolution, you can show at least two columns of FF feeds and still have some room to spare.

FriendFeed as seen on a 1920x1200 display

I’m not sure how to balance width vs. scroll. Having two columns can be confusing, and I certainly don’t want to scroll down to read the left column only to scroll up again to read the right one. However I’m sure this screen real estate can be used in some way to enhance my productivity.

Maybe something along the lines of the Pagerization Greasemonkey script, only horizontal? Still thinking about it. In the meantime I’ll just keep scrolling down.

One thought on “FriendFeed Suggestion: Two Column View

  1. Ontario Emperor

    As long as two columns aren’t forced on everyone, I’m fine with this. However, my family prefers the “large print” (i.e. 800 x 600) view on our home computer, so you wouldn’t want to make this the standard view.

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